Friday, 23 May 2014

The king is dead...

... so stop squeezing the guts out of his lifeless, bloated husk of a corpse.

I'm talking about MJ. I hate the fact that people called him the King of Pop. I disagree. I think the king of pop was Glen Medieros. Now there was a man who knew how to hold a tune.

But nevertheless, I grew up with Jacko, before he was a paedo (allegedly), took kids to bed for sleepovers (proven), fed them something called 'Jesus Juice' (also proven), dangled his baby out of the window (observed) and carved his face up into a grotesque mask that resembled neither man nor beast (seen with my own eyes.

Actually, also before he was white. So I grew up with a Jacko who did Bad and I like Billie Jean and some of his songs are properly ace. But everything from 1992 onwards was utter shit. And yet so it went on. The fake fuckers around him propping up his crimes and delusions. Allowing a grown man to regress into insanity and inflict it on other people, all because he was the best cash cow they'd ever had.

Sick, sad society we live in where a world can watch someone making an utter fool of himself in the name of mental illness, but allow the media to perpetuate the bullshit because he's selling tickets, records and cans of motherfucking Pepsi.

Horrible old world. Anyone looking at his carved up, mutilated face; anyone listening to his rambling, drugged up, addled speeches; anyone with eyes and a cognisant brain could have seen that Michael Jackson was a fucked up individual. A danger to people around him. Definitely a danger to children - I know it wasn't proven but my opinion is that he was guilty as Stuart Hall. The man was ill and he needed some kind of help. He needed someone to tell him. He needed people to stop brutalising him for the cash they could make.

He died, as we all knew he would, young and fucked up. And no one does what he did to himself if they're not severely mentally ill. His face was repulsive. He wanted to buy Joseph Merrick's skeleton at one point, I mean of course he did, he needed someone to be around who might just make him look normal again. Joseph would have been able to perhaps point out that while he had been born with a congential deformity that made people treat him differently, Jacko had taken a perfectly good face and had it carved to bits. He had to stick the end of his nose on with a fucking plaster.

How the fuck were the surgeons sleeping at night? Does money really overtake all morals? Are there really people out there willing to do this? Well, yes, there are. Because they did.

And then he died. And it was over. The poor bastard was finally out of his misery and there could be some closure for those he damaged during his heyday. Hallelujah. And also we'd never have to pretend that the moonwalk is good every again. Or listen to Ben. Or say things like: Well, he IS a genius. Because he wasn't a genius, actually. Geniuses are people like Mozart and Sartre and Prince.

So all of this happened and his children were able to take their masks off (you know the ones that he made them wear whenever they were in public because that's a totally NORMAL and RATIONAL way to treat your children and not child abuse at all in any way) and then, a few years later, what do I see?

A fucking new album, a tour complete with life size hologram of the main man, his horrible face on adverts, him endorsing Apple... and we're back. Right in the grotesque bullshit carnival that was his life. Except now he's dead and can't even give any kind of consent. His horrible, awful family have clearly decided that he wasn't exploited and destroyed enough during his life time, now they must do it in his death.

It's sick, weird and hollow. Much like the man himself.

Am just waiting for the Princess Di hologram to start walking around touching people who are all AIDs ridden or have landmines on their feet or whatever. That will be a great day to be alive.

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  1. I'm totally with you on this and when I first saw that advert for a phone using Michael Jackson as an endorsement I was properly sickened. They may as well have just said it gets a great signal, even underground.

    'Hey, if Ghandi was alive today he'd probably be using a Nokia, can we get something together on that guys?'