Sunday, 11 May 2014

"Are you telling me...

... that if a bloke in a dress walked past u and yr kids u wuldn't stair and laugh and keep them away?"

I was just asked that in an online discussion prompted by a cross dresser winning the Eurovision.

Conchita won with her glorious Bassey esque triumph over the odds, over the top, rather beautiful in a cheesy way, ballad. And she can actually sing too. So fair play.

She was in my top 2, along with Poland and the crazy Slavic girls do it better anthem. Actually there may have been others I liked but I can't remember them. How is it I can remember the words to the great Johnny Logan's 1983 winner (Hold me now, don't cry, don't say a word but holllld me nowwwwww )  but can't remember much about the competition I just watched. Less than two hours ago?

Moving on from my Alzheimers,  I was glad Austria won. Partly because it is a fuck you to Russia and their Eastern block allies who appear to be resurrecting some batshit mental ideas and partly cos she was actually pretty good.

There was a lot of talk of sticking it to the man etc and it being a  great thing for self expression and, even though I have inherited my mother's discomfort for positive emotional outpourings I felt all warm and cosy about it. A beautiful looking lady with a beard (she looks not unlike the result of mashing Kim K's face with Kanye's when he's suitably beardy. I'd guess. I haven't actually done this but I think someone should) won the Eurovision and it was the best competition since Lordi in 2008. I particularly enjoyed Russia being booed by almost everyone.

And then I went online. I'm a member of a random group for buying and selling shit on the Isle of Wight. No one has yet offered anything I would donate to a charity shop, let alone buy on purpose but you never know.

In this group a young lady posted a random question. It was about why Russia was being booed. It appears current events only happen to a percentage of our population. Still, at least she asked. Someone else answered her. And then someone - let's call her Marie, mostly because that's her name - jumped in with a comment that went something like this: I carnt belive that thing won. Disgustin.

It transpired that Marie thinks that cross dressers are Bad. Also that gay people should only do their gay thing behind closed doors although she does, of course, have gay friends who respect her opinion and she tells it how it is and she was bullied at school yeah so she can say what she likes. I didn't follow the logic of that, it has to be said.

It was like having a conversation with someone on Jeremy Kyle. You know the ones that you think are actors because no one can really be that rancidly thick and utterly horrible. Turns out they might actually be real.

Marie then asked me the question I started this blog with. I'm totally fine with Marie being Marie as long as she keeps it behind closed doors and away from kids yeah?

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