Monday, 2 June 2014

#100daysofhappiness DAY 8 (or possibly 9): FAME

In addition to being befriended by Anneka Rice recently, I have also become mates with fashionista and it girl about Chelsea, Caggie Dunlop. Not IT girl, like she works in IT support or anything. She's an 'it' girl. You know, they used to have them in the early 2000s. 

I say mates, I mean, she tweeted me back. That's pretty much mates these days, right?

Yep. Today I tweeted a Made in Chelsea cast member because she tweeted that she was in Seaview. This shouldn't surprise me as lots and lots of very rich people are often in Seaview. I was at work and tweeted her to come in and see us. Well, she only blinking well replied. I mean, she must have LOADS on, right? She has to do famous people things and there she was replying to me on the twitter. Amazing. She said she was back in London now so couldn't, but I think what she meant was that next time she's down she'll DM me and we'll go out and talk about what a knobhead Spencer is. 

So, that's Anneka Rice and Caggie Dunlop I'm BFFs with now. 

News of my widening fame has clearly spread because now people want to get Sushi in on the act. A local photographer messaged me today asking if she could take some shots of the Bear. I looked in her busy diary and we said: hells yes. 

So on Friday Sushi will become spokesdog for Romanian rescues, have some beautiful pictures taken of her mush and they will soon reach everyone around the world everywhere. She is going to be FAMOUS. 

And basically all of these things made me happy today. Also, I met two Labradoodles and an English Bulldog. And also I got paid. Fuck me. Surely this'll do for the next few days, right? 

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