Friday, 6 June 2014

She's going to be a STAR

The other day while I was mithering about something or other and generally being a stroppy bint, I got a random email. It was from a photographer asking whether they could take some pictures - a proper shoot and everything - of Sushi in exchange for using the images to promote rescuing dogs from overseas.

HELLS YES, I said.

It's starting. The world is beginning to notice how special my Sushi is. With her nonchalant attitude, active hatred of the beach, all round aloof attitude and snuggly belly. She's going to rule the world.

So in a couple of hours, Sushi and I are going to go and meet the photographer and my pup is going to smize her way to stardom. If you don't know what smizing is then you need to check yourself and go catch up with the inimitable Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model.

I've also spoken to Sushi at length about the best way to look skinny in pictures and how to angle her chin so that she looks her very best. All these seasons of ANTM haven't been a total waste of my life after all! Even that time I watched Season 2 all over again.

She looked me dead in the eye and ran off to do a poo. So I'm pretty sure she's all set.

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