Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Don't call my dog vicious...

I need to finish that title.

Don't call my dog vicious you clueless chav slice of ignorance. You heinously clothed, moronic shitebrain. You utterly revolting waste of skin.

I was walking my three legged rescue dog, a survivor of street dog life in Romania, the other day. I was with my friend who had a 15 year old rescue pug in a pram and two other dogs - one a survivor of the dog meat trade from Thailand, newly arrived and very shy and unsure and the other a survivor of street dog life in Ireland.

All dogs were on leads.

This is because we are a bunch of misfit dogs who are not always predictable around other dogs. This is because these dogs are defensive occasionally, having lived through a hell we cannot fathom. Imagine being afraid every single day of your life. Imagine that every person you meet might hurt you, try and impregnate you, bite you, take your food, hurt your babies, make your life worse. Imagine not knowing where your next meal is coming from or whether you'll make it through the next day, or the next week or the next pregnancy alive. Imagine not being sure whether every person you see isn't going to beat you and take you somewhere where other people hurt you.

It doesn't take a fricking genius to see that some dogs need some space. Some time. And if a bunch of dogs are on leads, what you don't do with your designer lab puppy is let it bound towards said bunch of dogs. Particularly if it is not trained in the slightest and ignores every pathetic attempt you make to call it back. You also don't take your sweet fucking time getting your fat ass across the park to control your dog. The fact that YOUR dog won't hurt anyone is not the point. The point is that YOUR dog is affecting other dogs and their comfort and calm.

And then when you finally get your puppy under control, you don't then tell the person who had their dog ON A LEAD that they shouldn't be allowed out in a public park and that their dog is vicious. You scum sucking mouthbreather. It was your irresponsibility that caused the problem, not anyone else's.

Let me add that Sushi nor any of our other misfit pooches went for anyone or hurt anyone or even came close to it. Sushi may have let out a discreet growl of disdain. She can't stand chavs all up in her grill either. Very intelligent pooch that one.

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