Saturday, 8 November 2014

She's one bad bitch

This OKC exchange made me chortle.

For weeks now a girl has been checking out my profile.

For those unfamiliar with internet dating (congrats on being well adjusted and having normal relationships by the way), the way it works is this. If someone purposely looks at your profile, you see who it is. You seen when they look and how often.

This can lead to feeling uncomfortably stalked.

Amid the morass of blokes visiting my profile (again I stress this is not me bigging myself up, I am well aware that anyone with boobs and a face on an internet dating site gets a lot of attention) there has been this girl.

She's a local girl.

And her profile is hilarious.

She says that she will only accept messages from blokes who are 6ft 4 and over as 'I don't do midgets'.

So, after a couple of months of her looking at my profile on a daily basis, I messaged her.

I really really want to know how she gets to my profile when she searches for men who are 6ft 4 and over. 

I'm currently eagerly awaiting her response. 

I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. 

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