Monday, 26 January 2015

Last dance with OKC

I may well be killing off my OKC self any day now.

I seem to have, well, met someone. I mean, I think. I mean, I've definitely met him. We're onto date five. It appears to be going well. He's very nice and kind and normal.

So, I've done a wee roundup.

Something's changed though. Instead of derision and howling with laughter, I found some of them sad. Like this little dude. He's having a conversation with himself: I don't know how one 'keeps in contact' with someone who has never contacted them back. I mean, that's not really keeping in contact is it? It's just messaging someone.

And then, just as I'm feeling a bit sad for the lonely, this happens. Wait, I'm STILL a cunt? When did I start being a cunt? What did I do to offend this little peachette of a manchild? Who knows? Who cares? I know right? But honestly. I bet he kisses his mama with that mouth. 

This guy just sent a hello but his profile is so mint I had to share. Look at the quality of that photoshop. I've never seen such a convincing chest. And his user name. Makes me damper than an otter's chuff that does. He's only wants a 'slim' woman. Probably because of all the time he spends in the gym to get that physique, rite? Oh, and she has to be under 35 because he's 47 so, er, he can only, um, go out with women a lot younger than him because REASONS. Which means, sob, that I'm way out of his age range. Waaah. 

This one actually properly m'ladied me. Glorious.

This truth-teller.

This random questioner. lol. It's just a random question. lol. It just happens to be sex based. lol. I don't know how that keeps happening. lol. =] lol lol =]

"I have respect so I only drop the word cunnilingus into my profile really subtly. Cos I'm so full of respect. lol."

So, even in this morass of weirdness, shifty loners and scumfucks, it seems that internet dating does work. If you're willing to put a lot of time into it...

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