Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sushi talks

Hello. This is Sushi. I'd wave but I'd fall over. Only one front paw, see. Sometimes causes me some balancing issues. I only really play on it when I know it'll get me extra treats though. Most times I don't even notice.

Sometimes I forget and try and scratch myself. Then I'll fall over. I just shake it off. No shame here. Pffft. I only have three legs and I can run faster'n most of my furry friends I meet on my walks. I can definitely run faster than she can.

Anyhoo, she's off learning the code of the highway and that so she can finally drive me places. I like to go to different places and I've been waiting ages for her to get on with it. She still only knows that squirrel sign though, so it's not looking that great, between you and me. She asked me to take her place to thank lots of people who clicked like on Facebook or something.

I don't really know what she's on about and it takes me bleedin' ages to type with one paw. On the big day, I spent most of it snoozing. It's what I like to do. I did also play on the beach with my friend Harvey. He showed me how to play with a ball. It was ace. Especially when she panicked cos she thought I was going into the sea and dropped her phone in the sane on the beach. That was funny.

I almost did run into the sea. Harvey made it look like fun. But then I got my foot wet and I was like, shiiiiitttt no. That stuff is cold and wet, man. I ain't going in there.

Yes, I have picked up some English vernacular over the past 14 months. Nice of you to notice. Since I arrived, I've tried hard to fit in with the locals and have found out all the best places to find chips, ice cream and pork chops. It's pretty much a smorgasbord of discarded food, this island. Specially in the summer. I'm looking forward to all those many people coming and dropping all their food so I can hoover it up before she notices.

Anyway, I had a look at that Facebook thing she's always on and saw my picture and that there. I got 1600 votes or somefin. I have no real understanding of why that matters in any way, but she told me that it's MORE than the 300 dogs I used to live with in the shelter in Romania. So that's loads, then. Honestly, I don't care if I win a contest on Facebook, I'm a dog. But she cares and she wanted me to thank everyone who took the time to listen to her pleas, moans, whines and what were most probably quite undignified beggings.

She's really soft inside you see. She may not seem it but she is. And she really really wanted lots of people to see how perfect she thinks I am. Even though I'm just a little dog from the streets. I was anonymous over there. Just another face out of thousands who aren't wanted, are left to die. Some of them are poisoned. Lots of us were kicked around. Loads of us get hit with cars and bikes and things and then they just leave us.

I was just a little nobody dog. Until she saw me. And yeah, she's a bit mad, but she healed me and I heal her.

So it means a lot to her that so many people clicked like on my picture in a silly online competition, so fanks lots and lots from her and me.

I hear Scout won my bit. He only has one eye. That'll be me in an eyepatch next year then... sigh...

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  1. You're wonderful Sushi ,and so is your mum ,made me laugh and cry at the same time ,bless you xx